Tuesday, September 06, 2005

At The Museum of Natural History

One day we (Shakya Dorje, Eliot Tokar and myself) went to the Museum of Natural History in NYC accompanying Dr. Trogawa Rinpoche and the Khenpos, Tsering and Palden Sherap. They spent a very long time looking at the gem and mineral exhibition discussing the various properties. Later, we walked through the hall of dioramas. At the Siberian shaman's exhibit, I pointed to the diorama and said, "my ancestors." Either there in the museum or at some other time, Dr. Trogawa mentioned to me that in the library at Alma Ata in Russia where my grandfather lived, there were many rare Tibetan medicine texts.

Here Dr. Trogawa is striking a "Milarepa" pose before one of the rock exhibits at the museum simulating a cave.

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