Saturday, June 16, 2007

Shang Shung Institute of America Tibetan Medical School Receives Licensing by the Massachusetts Department of Education

While not specifically related to the Chagpori School of Tibetan Medicine, I worked for years in helping Shang Shung Institute under the direction of Choegyal Namkhai Norbu develop its own Tibetan Medicine School in America. I am very happy to report some fruition to my own and others great effort toward realizing the initial steps in creating an accredited school of Tibetan medicine. My initial inspiration, of course, was Dr. Trogawa, who was first brought to the west at the invitation of Choegyal Namkhai Norbu, Rinpoche to participate in the first conference on Tibetan Medicine. {Louise writes about this in her recollections}. It was through my work with Dr. Trogawa that I was first introduced to students from the Dzogchen Community.

The Shang Shung Institute Tibetan Medicine program under the direction of Dr. Phuntsog Wangmo is doing an incredible job of creating the first four year curriculum in English with 14 full time students enrolled.