Sunday, August 17, 2008

Chagpori Project Proposals for the Year 2008 - 2009

Chagpori Medical Students

Dr. Anne MacDonald, Assistant Professor in the Dept. of South Asian, Tibetan and Buddhist Studies at the University of Vienna, recently wrote me to request that I list the current fundraising priorities for Chagpori Tibetan Medical Institute in India.

She writes, "Dr. Trinlay Trogawa, Rinpoche’s nephew and head of Chagpori, makes once a year trips to Europe to raise money via medical consultations for his institution; even so, the yearly income is relatively low. Because of the strikes in Darjeeling this summer, his 2008 European trip had to be canceled. This will severely affect Chagpori’s finances for the year."

For further information about making donations, Please contact:

Chagpori Tibetan Medical Institute, Emchi Trinley Trogawa, Trogawa House, North Point, Darjeeling 734104, West Bengal, India Tel: 0091 3542 270266 EMail

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The following Project Proposal for the Year 2008 - 2009 was written by Emchi Trinley Trogawa regarding the most urgent needs Chagpori currently faces.

For the coming year we divided the projects in urgent (A) and semi-urgent (B) projects.

Most Urgent Projects:

Students' Sponsorship

Most of the students coming to Chagpori are from very poor families. Without sponsorship it will not be possible for them to fulfill their ambition to study Tibetan medicine.

Each student will need € 75,- per month which is € 900,- per year for the duration of 6 years (5 years theoretical studies and 1 year practical). This will cover the student's tuition fees, board & lodging, pocket money and some of the overhead costs.

At the moment we are looking for two of the 4th. batch students who still need additional € 25,- per month for their sponsorship.
For the 5th. batch we need five more full sponsorships and for five other students additional sponsorships of € 38.

If you are willing to help please let us know, so that we may send you the student's bio data and other information.

Project Pharmacy

The existence of a good medical institute depends on a reliable and regular supply of medicines made in its prescribed way. Till date we have been making our medicines manually only during the winter months, when it is dry and sunny.

In order to expand and become financially independend we need to produce medicines throughout the year. Therefore what we are seeing firstly is to start this year on the acquired land with the construction of a pharmacy.

The 3 to 5 story building will include facilities for medicine manufacture, different store rooms for raw and finished materials and staff quarters. The construction will meet the amount of € 250.000,-.

As we know that this amount is beyond many purses we would like to present our

Please feel encouraged to sponsor bricks as many as you want for € 1,- each to contribute towards the construction of the pharmacy building.

We will send the project with blue print separately after it is prepared by the architect.

Project: Herb Collection and
(less urgent) B- Project: Medicine garden

Herb Collection
Tibetan medical students go to the mountains each year to learn to identify the medicinal plants. At the same time it is a part of the education to learn how to collect the plants and treat each plant in the necessary and appropriate way for preparation for their medicinal use.

Every week the students spend one day for collection of herbs in the nearby hills or they help with the preparation for medical use.

This coming summer the senior group will go for one month to a distant place for this important part of their education. The junior group will make a trip in the surrounding area.

To cover the cost of the herb collection activities of both groups we need € 7.000,- for 2008.

B- Project: Medicine Garden

We started medicine gardens for teaching, replantation and conservation of different general and rare medicinal herbs at the College compound which is spacious and ideal for growing plants. The main garden is in the shape of the Medicine Buddha mandala and is located next to the stupa at the compound.
We will try to get seeds, roots and seedlings from their original natural habitat to enhance the quality of the crops.We are happy that this means will provide practical lessons to the students as well as fulfilling a need for the pharmacy.

Donations towards the herb collecting and medicinal garden project will be gratefully received.

Urgent Project: Educational Pharmacy at the College compound

We have also started the construction of an educational pharmacy at the college ground. Through spending one day a week with pharmacy activities the students will be able to learn about this specific skill of the Tibetan doctor during their educational period.These activities of learning to find, identify and treat the plants in the proper way throughout the process till they are made into powders, tea's and pills is a complex procedure. The herbal trips, educational gardens and educational pharmacy will familiarize them with this process.

The costs of the construction as well as some basic equipment will be € 15.000,-.

We are very grateful if you can help the students towards this project.

Medical Equipment Project for Clinics

We thank the Dutch Support Group who kindly took care for this project.

It is essential to have different medical equipments, like golden needle, cupping devices, moxa-bustion and cauterization equipments at the respective clinics. Additional weighing scales and emergency light were included in this project.

Total amount required for the clinics at Darjeeling, Kurseong and Takdah was € 1.500,-.

A-Urgent Project: Dehumidifiers

Darjeeling area is very well known as a wet area due to a long monsoon period because of which there is mist for almost three quarters of the year. That is also the reason why tea grows so well and Darjeeling is so famous for throughout the world.

But to keep things dry is a problem for us. The raw materials and finished products for the pharmacy as well as the books in the library and some of our museum's display items are perishable. We need dehumidifier machines which cost € 700,- per machine.
We need three dehumidifier machines and the total cost will be € 2.100,-.

We will be very grateful if you could help us preserve the precious materials.

A-Project: New Clinic in Siliguri.

We realize that CTMI needs more clinics and clinic doctors, that's why we would like to open as soon as possible a clinic in Siliguri market. Siliguri is a reasonable town with a big need for health practitioners.
We want to request one of our 1st batch doctors to rejoin CTMI and become a clinic doctor in Siliguri.
Recurring costs are the rent of the place € 80,-
the salary of the clinic doctor - 125,-
the housing allowance - 50,-
total recurring costs € 225,-

The furnishing of the clinic will be a one time expense of € 1.500,-.
Additionally there will come running costs for the clinic as soon as the clinic opens.

We are very grateful for any donation towards this project.

B- Project: Generator for the College.

Power failure is a daily recurring fact in Darjeeling area. After 15 years of duty the generator for the college becomes old and is also very noisy, which disturbs the students during their study hours. That's why it would be good to replace it as soon as possible.

A new generator will cost € 1.100,-.

Although it's a B-Project we will be very grateful to anyone who can help us to replace the generator.

Urgent Project: Darjeeling Clinic

Two years ago we opened a clinic in Darjeeling town. In the meanwhile patients know to find the clinic and are satisfied with the treatment they receive.
As Darjeeling is a tribal area, this doesn't mean that the coming of patients and the sale of pills meets the actual costs of running the clinic. For the salary of the doctor and his housing costs the Dutch Support is taking care and the French Support group takes care for the rent of the clinic itself.

To meet the additional costs of maintaining this clinic and to be able to run it continuously we still need € 5.700,- per year (€ 475,- per month). This amount covers salaries, administration of the clinic and a part of the institute's overhead costs.

We are very grateful for any donation towards this project.

Urgent A-Project: Kurseong Clinic

In 1997 we opened a clinic in Kurseong market, unfortunately due to financial and personnel shortage we had to close the clinic in 2001.

As we still had that place, we re-opened this clinic in April 2006.
For the salary of the doctor and his housing costs the Dutch Support is taking care. And although the rent of the clinic is quite low, the overall costs to maintain the clinic and run it continuously will be € 6.000,- per year (€ 500,- per month).

This amount covers salaries, administration of the clinic and a part of the institute's overhead costs.

We are very grateful for any donation towards this project.

B-Project Medical Aid for Students

In April 2008 we gave admission to the 5th batch of 15 new students for the Menpa Kachupa degree. The 11 students of the 4th. batch have entered their 4th year of study in the meanwhile. So in total there are 26 students studying at the institute at the moment. According to the tradition the students will get free medical care when needed. In case the patient does not respond positively to Tibetan medicine then they have to go for allopathic treatment. The institute will cover the initial costs. This does not include big expenses such as operations. To cover the cost for general medical care we think of an amount of € 2.500,- per year.

We are very grateful for any donation towards this project.

B-Project: New Car

The Chagpori Institute covers an area of ± 80 Km. To ferry Chagpori's personnel, provide the clinics with medicines and transport the raw materials we need a new jeep. At the moment we have an old jeep which needs a lot of maintenance. This is expensive and gives too much trouble and is unreliable during travel.

The estimate for a new jeep will be € 15.000,-

We will be very grateful as this will assure us of a smooth and reliable transport.

B-Project: Museum display items

We are very happy that since 2006 we started with a small museum in our campus in Takdah. For the museum we are looking for donations in kind, such as old Tibetan medical instruments, as well as donations to improve our collection of museum display items.

We will be very grateful if you could help us in this project.

B-Project: Free medicine

To enable us to give free medicines to poor and under privileged patients we would like to ask donations towards this project.